Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friends for Life Time!!!

Well I thought I must fill my blog with words about a great poet whom I adore a lot. But thought these two people play an important role in my life than any others!!

Vinod I know this guy for almost 6 years now. He is always been a good friend rather an understanding and caring friend all the time. He was with me in my critical times and helped me more than any other friend would have done.

We had little fights that too every time we go to a movie that begins with a fight!!! But last time unfortunately we hadn’t fight rather lost in our old memories. Yup we met after 2 years and I we had a great time.

I always remember that hand given by him when im in need of!!! Hats off to u hope u get a better life than u have now!!! And hope that u be a good friend like this for ever ever and ever!!!

Manju here comes this girl we are friends for more than 3 years a good close friends. There are words from people that no 2 girls can be good friends for year together. Well that doesn’t hold true in our case.

We met at the university haven’t even spoke a few words at the first meet but now we speak about everything. We have many things in common – similar childhood days, similar kinds of sufferings and incidents and happiness. All these things put together make us grow our friendship strong.

Now she s my inner heart she knows how I think and what I think and how I react at the same time I know her much better. We had fights but we sit and speak about the pros and cons which is an important plus point of our friendship to grow stronger.

I learnt an important thing a everyone must have that is patient from her. And hope she learnt boldness from me. We have traveled a lot in life and now it has created an emotional bonding between us which I don’t feel with any of my other friends or rather I’m a type of girl who feel that emotional bonding will cause pain. She is more than a mother to me and so do I to her.

She is doing a great thing for my well being with a mother’s heart. Now I think what I have done to her in turn. Undoubtedly she is the best!!!

Ill not say that hope you be a good friend for ever because there is no need for it!!!

All I say is “Loose your EGO to gain GOOD friends!!”

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kanakku Pannungal!!!

Multiple Integral pola kuzhambi iruntha en vazhvil,

Functions of several Variableaai nee nuzhainthai!!

Differentiate aagi iruntha en nenchai

Nee Matrix aaga Integrate seithai!!

En vaazhkai oru Complex Integration o-endru

Nenaithen, un BLT(Bi Linear Transformation) paarvayal

En vaazhvai transform seithai!!

Un Singularity siripil

en Statistics enkau therinthathu!!

Ennai sutri Sphere potayo Circle potayo

Theriyathu- aanal un 3-D structure a

Kandu athil sikki konden!!

I Love U

Nee Eigen Value aana, naan

Athan EIgen Vector aaven!!

Null Hypothesis o Alternative Hypothesis o

Yetho onnu sollu!!

Mothathil nee Ux naa naan Vy,

Nee Uy na naan –Vx.!!

Cayley Hamelton Theorem o illa

Green’s Theorem o, ethai

Venumanalum apply panniko.

Mothathil un Inner Integral la irunthu

Outer Integral varai limits naanai irukanum!!!

P.S. :This poem was written in my first year of college in UG. So if you people find any of the mathematical term is wrong please do intimate me. sorry for the trouble!!! and Thanks!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Naam Beachil pathitha kaal thadangal!!

Un tholil saainthiruntha antha nimidangal!!!

Nee ennai seendiya nodigal!!!

Naan unnodu sandai pota tharunangal-ivai

Anaithum ninaithu padi-naan

Matum thanimayil vanthen- naam

Varum salai vazhi!!

Thideerendru kanden un vandi-athil

Nee unnodan oruthi- chattendru

Autovil irunthu Paarthen yeti- unnodu

Irupathu yaarendru paarthathu en vizhi!!!

Aacharyam athe samayam athisayam!

Un pinnal naan unnai anaitha padi!!

Vandiyil neeyum un pin naanum

Athu naam thaan, naam endral nam nenaivugal!!!