Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kanakku Pannungal!!!

Multiple Integral pola kuzhambi iruntha en vazhvil,

Functions of several Variableaai nee nuzhainthai!!

Differentiate aagi iruntha en nenchai

Nee Matrix aaga Integrate seithai!!

En vaazhkai oru Complex Integration o-endru

Nenaithen, un BLT(Bi Linear Transformation) paarvayal

En vaazhvai transform seithai!!

Un Singularity siripil

en Statistics enkau therinthathu!!

Ennai sutri Sphere potayo Circle potayo

Theriyathu- aanal un 3-D structure a

Kandu athil sikki konden!!

I Love U

Nee Eigen Value aana, naan

Athan EIgen Vector aaven!!

Null Hypothesis o Alternative Hypothesis o

Yetho onnu sollu!!

Mothathil nee Ux naa naan Vy,

Nee Uy na naan –Vx.!!

Cayley Hamelton Theorem o illa

Green’s Theorem o, ethai

Venumanalum apply panniko.

Mothathil un Inner Integral la irunthu

Outer Integral varai limits naanai irukanum!!!

P.S. :This poem was written in my first year of college in UG. So if you people find any of the mathematical term is wrong please do intimate me. sorry for the trouble!!! and Thanks!


Ramaa Iyer said...

Hey nice one :) Btw i don't think am gonna point any mistakes here given the fact that i know zilch on eng terms

Gud work esp your first post on Ninaivugal

MAN OF STEEL said...

che harini nan kuda bayandutten onnaku maths la ivalo theorem theriyuma nu thank god neeye solita it was written by a ug student nu

Harini said...

@man of steel
naan sonnathu naan UG padikum pothu intha poem ezhuthinen nu not by some other UG student!!!:P mathavanga poem a en blog la podara alavuku naan innum posam aagala