Saturday, March 15, 2008

Women and Weeping Society!!!

Ah… first time in my blog I have started to write about general things. Well where to start with?? Alright let me tell whom this treatise is not for,

  1. Men who know the importance of women.
  2. Women who know their importance.

The list is indeed shorter. Do you know why?? There are still people around this world around you and me saying “you are a woman” “you cant do these things” “you can do only these things” “obey my order” “you don’t know what is right and what is wrong”.

The answer to all these cries of society is :

Im a woman and im a part of the same society you belong to and I have extra responsibilities than you do. Im there in ones life till birth to death. I can create, and destroy. I show love and affection more than any other human shows to you in the way of Mother, sister, wife, grand mother and so on. All I need is ones love affection care and guidelines which you give to anyother boy or men on earth.

First know that im your fellow human being. I have the same heart and feelings that you have. Ill never ask you to respect me until you accept the same kind of respect given by me to you.

Last thing but not a least thing

If you know any boy or men tell them “don’t spoil anyone’s life, than advising him that you are boy and can do anything!!”

And for a girl “be brave and bold you can rule the world!!”


Aditya Vinnakota said...

nice thoughts

Pradeep Mohan said...

simple thoughts... but this is just one side of the coin there is the other side too... indian society atleast is seeing this in the wake of a special .. "contra" Change... we need to respect strong women and motivate them at the same time we need to destroy arrogant men.. we need to despise women who come take advantage of others understanding they are dangerous mothers, daughters, sisters and wives unfortunately there is this dark side too...

Harini said...

Yup i agree too... as you said there are two sides to a coin!! what i meant was even in the developed age we are having men like this and on the contrary women who are misusing laws!!