Monday, March 9, 2009

Orkut Lessons!!

Its 6( multitasking :P)in the morning when I start to write this treatise!! Do you think im gonna bore the readers by writing about “how to use orkut or any of its new features??” Nah!! ;) People in India know to use orkut better than credit cards!! :P

But if I think of orkut there are some interesting things I would like to share with the readers!! Its been 2 and half years since I joined orkut!! Things were in a bad shape when I joined orkut and I need people to communicate. One day my cousin (younger to me :() said “orkut is good even I have an account why don’t you join in??!” Alright! I felt it’s a big a crime not to be in orkut!! Immediately I asked my friend to send an invite and joined orkut. It’s more user friendly than any other social networking sites so I learnt things in jus a few hours!! I found most of my college and some of my school friends!!

I donno how I landed up in a community called OI (Iyers, we call it OI though)!! Found that community interesting and friendly and secured(:O) as most of the people belong to my religion and my caste!! I joined and was silent for few months!! You may wonder why?? Ofcourse it was because of the ragging!! It was a time when OI meets happened at least once a month, sometimes even twice or thrice a month. I became an active participant in the Conference Room (till now im active in that only :P) and made loads of friends. These people know quiet well about each other and was kind enough to allow me in their crowd!! :)

What next??? Go attend a meet and get familiarized with people around. My first ever meet turned out to be quite interesting and fantabulous, and will never forget that!! So do the second meet was!!

Fine things started to move on!! Now let me come to the lessons I learnt from the community members!! I rented some of the experiences because couldn’t afford more than one or two!! :P

Where to start with?? Of course you are in a biggg community, friendly too then there must be some rumors or gossips revolve around you!! And most of them will be you know what!! ;)
Yes you are absolutely right “Love gossips” :P There are few couples, who have happily started their life from OI!! But there are always exceptions!! Do u think im gonna write aboute a love failure?? Nah!

There are some classic love failures don’t I have to mention about them?? Here it goes, roam with a guy or girl and say “you are not my type”, “enga veetla love marriageku yethuka maatanga”, “unakum enakum jaadhagam othu pola” (Shit this is the height of insanity!! :()

Moral of the story is “When you are serious about a relation online double check before entering into one!!”

Love is over!! What comes next?? Trust oh yeah that’s a piece of S*** if you don’t handle with care you will surely end up bathing in it!! (Inspired by SdM Amithabh scene ;):P) Don’t ever tell your “Million Dollar secrets” to any of your online friends trusting them immediately, that too opposing your intuitions just because you are depressed.

Believe me these things make you more depressed than ever!! The person you seem to believe wouldn’t have shown his or her true colors!!(Though you have a high resolution LCD monitor its tough to find yaar!! :( Believe me!! :P) They will surely show their back on you. End of the day you will become a scapegoat and of course you are the one responsible for that

Moral of the story is “Don’t believe all people blindly.(Veluthathu ellam paal illa :)) You will surely end up as I said before” (read between the brackets and not between the lines!! :X :P)

Trust is also over now lets deal with some pests!! I would always love to talk about pests!! You may get umpteen number of friends request saying “hey wanna be my friend add me” “ I have seen your profile add me” “your eyes are so beautiful pls add me”.

There are chances of getting friends request even if you have posted or talked someone regarding a job opening they have asked for!! ;) Thinking of these people I laugh my A** out!! Your sole intention would be helping him or her for a job; in turn you will get all the nonsense they could give you.

It will start with repetitive friend’s request, then move on to messages, (orkut messages) then he or she will find some common friends and will talk naturally with them know things about the other. Fine even if the friend doesn’t seem helpful, talk all the nonsense about the friend to impress the person you want too. :X (EKSI??) These people are psychos and they always have this “nostalgic effect” in their conversations.

Moral: I donno what to say :O!! Don’t STBP (saniyana thooki baniyanla podatha) yourself!!

Apart from all these things, I have gotten a close circle of good friends. A very small circle of close friends!! ;) I met different characters sweet, innocent, rude, MCP or FCS, kind, back biters! (After pests, these people are there everywhere :P) Its like a bouquet filled with flowers (both beautiful and ugly), leaves and of course THRONS!! I learnt that, this is the World and face it as it comes!! After all its thrilling and Im loving it!! ;)

What are you still doing in this page?? You read my article?? now leave a comment and "poyi pulla kuttigala padika veinga!! atha vitutu ipdi kappi thanama time waste pannikitu!!" :P


T.K. Ram said...

you didn't talk about the two most important things in orkut :x
2. s***** mudeela :P

unix said...

Harini unmai sollu ... ennai edhuvum target pannaley la?????????? i started laugh like any thing.. rascal unnala every 1 s seeing me different in office nw...namma idhu pathi apparam pesuvom [:p].. really hats of to u harini... nee vara vara romba unmai pesura [:p]

LK said...

enan suddena self-introspectlam panrapula tondu.. jokes apart its a good one.. watch out for my blog cause going to come out with one nice piece abt orkut very soon

Madhushree..... said...

awesome harini.....
reality e nanna xplain panni ezhudirke......gr8 talent...
if asked to ...i'll nevr b able to put my thoughts in such gr8 words......really nice..

Priya said...

great one re!!! its all truth in simplified form n much of humour and naturalnes added to it [:)]...good job..keep writin more!!!

Harini said...

Thanks all for your comments!! :)

tropical iceberg said...

ivlo spashtama OI pathi, OI kkaarala pathi azhaga ezhudirke. this is a must read for all newbies/ kathu kutties.

All the best,

Mitr - Friend said...

Good one...
STBP is new to me,did that also originate in OI...???
New to your blog but old to your profile in OI.. Neraya vaati paathirukken....
Do drop into my blog sometime - My Travelogue.
Take care


Harini said...

Thanks Busha! Yeah even i have seen u on orkut! Will surely visit your blog! And STBP was created by me and TKR!